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 The Koala System ( Newbie Friendly )  Empty The Koala System ( Newbie Friendly )

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1. introduction
2. the system
3. on going testing
4. exceptions
5. to note
6. who am i?
7. picture examples

1) Introduction

Hi all,

I used to trade at wrong times and watch winning trades turn on me to hit SL.

My idea of The Koala System came when i was searching for no brainer way to "trade" forex. I came across a 3 MA system and work constantly to tweak it.

2) The System

Ii call it The Koala System because i like koalas. Secondly, i wish i can laze around like them. Forex is my hope

Setup 3 Moving Average Indicators on EUR/USD M15
Period of 3 , 6 , 9
Smoothed and apply to Median Price
Make them bold and off different colors.

We are looking to trade when the 3 MAs turns parallel / slightly diverge with each other. The trade is in the direction of the MAs.

3) On going testing

As The Koala System is a system to prevent you from trading against the trend, it does not have strict SL and TP rules. I personally tweak the values constantly and post my reviews weekly. I trade on the EUR/USD

Currently i use:

SL 50

When the trade goes +25, i will set SL to +5

My TP is usually 50 but i will let it run if no major support / resistance are near. ( If you want to know what are the support / resistance i follow, you can find it in my EUR/USD Daily Review over at my blog.

The Koala System is to minimize your wrong entries AGAINST the trend. It does not guarantee easy money!

4) Exceptions ( High risk )

You have to do your homework and be aware of the market. If you are aware of upcoming important releases ( NFP for example ). Stay out! The Koala System requires patience!

5) To Note

Before you trade, always zoom out to at least a day of M15. If it is OBVIOUSLY trending against, dont trade upon onset. Wait for 1 more candle to confirm.

6) Who am i?

I started forex trading a year ago and i thought it was easy. After 3 margin calls, i finally woke up.

After much effort, i am finally able to prevent myself from getting a margin call.

Knowing the pain, i started to help newbies to forex in forums. One day, i decided to start a blog to share to newbies more about forex. It is newbie friendly and contains my forex articles and views on EUR/USD.

After some unhappy experiences at an unappreciative forum, i decided to move over to here

7) Picture Examples

1)First attachment
An example of a no trade situation. The day in context was a major bank holiday. Trades can go either way due to low volume.
Hence the Koala is right ... when in doubt, stay out !

2)Second attachment

A classical false alarm. If you take a look at the level 1.4000, caution should be taken

3)Third attachment

a good entry! The Koala is parallel


Trade Safe.

*you are responsible for your own trades.*
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