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IGTFX technical analysis

Post  igtfxnews on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:06 pm

IGTFX technical analysis, The all-dominated FOREX news is related to a final European rescue package for IGTFX , Greece IGTFX , and let the EUR bullish driven during the early Tokyo trading hours. IGTFX , Anyways, we hope you had a great weekend and wish you a nice start in the new trading week. IGTFX ,

IGTFX , Market Review – IGTFX , Fundamental Perspective
IGTFX , The EUR started very friendly into the new trading week after IGTFX , European governments offered Greece a rescue package worth as much as 45bln euro to stem its fiscal crisis IGTFX , and restore confidence in the EUR. IGTFX , The euro-region finance ministers said yesterday they would offer loans IGTFX , at around 5 percent, IGTFX , while Greece have to pay 6.98 percent IGTFX , interests for three-year loans on the market at last. IGTFX , Another 15bln euro would come from the International Monetary Fund. IGTFX , It seems that this European rescue package achieved its target and took out the uncertainty of the market, IGTFX , having the EUR/USD fell near to an IGTFX , 11-month low last week it recovered during the week and climbed in the early Asia trading session for a third day, IGTFX , its longest winning streak within the last four weeks. IGTFX , The EUR/GBP extended its gains and rose to 0.8848 at its highest level after it closed at 0.8779 on Friday. IGTFX , As well the EUR/AUD climbed near to the 1.4600 level after closing at 1.4468 on Friday. IGTFX , Already on Friday the CHF weakened against the IGTFX , EUR by 0.4 percent amid speculation the IGTFX , Swiss National Bank may sold its currency again. IGTFX , The GBP/USD closed on Friday on its highest level of the week and George Soros, a famous currency speculator, IGTFX , said that the U.K. IGTFX , “has more room to use exchange rate adjustments as a way of adjusting the economy” than every other nation in the euro-region. IGTFX ,

IGTFX , The AUD climbed against the JPY to the highest level since September 2008 and to the strongest level versus the IGTFX , USD since November as the financial measures calmed investor’s fears of a default by Greece and reviving demand for higher yielding assets. A IGTFX , lso the NZD/USD continued its bullish trend and rose near to the 0.7200 level. IGTFX ,

IGTFX , On Friday the CAD declined from parity against the IGTFX , USD as a national report showed that employers added fewer jobs in March than economists expected. IGTFX , Canada’s economy gained 17,900 jobs in March while the median forecast was around 26,000. IGTFX ,

EUR/USD (Daily)

IGTFX , After the EUR/USD closed on Friday near to its bearish trend-line the currency pair started with a market IGTFX , gap into the new week and broke out of its downward trend. IGTFX , Now it remains to be seen if the bulls may have enough power to cross the next resistance levels around IGTFX , 1.3640 rather 1.3696. IGTFX , The MACD indicator may signalize that the bulls take control finally and in considering of the Momentum, IGTFX , which stabilized around its 100 level, there may be further space for bullish movements. IGTFX ,

EUR/GBP (1 Hour)

IGTFX , The currency pair traded close to a downward trend-line until the EUR closed last week above this trend-line, IGTFX , previously the short-term moving average crossed its long-term counterpart and indicated bullish movements. IGTFX , Now it seems that the currency pair completely reversed the trend and touched the next resistance around 0.8845. IGTFX , On the other hand-side if the CCI indicator could cross the 100 level again it may force profit takings. IGTFX ,


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