Stories of Debt Relief Success

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Stories of Debt Relief Success

Post  mrthought on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:15 am

Debt Stories From Regular People

If you're like most Americans, you've struggled with the issue of debt at some point in your life. Debt, whether it be from car loans, credit cards, or a mortgage or payday advance, is something that can easily get away from the easy management or control of most people. One day you're taking out your first credit card and completely you ignore the small minimum monthly payment that you have to make, but soon you've got many credit cards, and their minimum monthly payments is eating up too significant a portion of your take-home pay.
Professional Debt Relief Services Can Help

When confronted with the seemingly sudden specter of out of control debt, there are three options available that most people turn to: You can struggle along with the debt on your own, file for bankruptcy protection and let the debt go, or get professional advice to help you manage and eliminate the debt problem. Those who opt for professional debt advice or services usually find themselves able to completely eliminate their problem in just a few years using one (or more) of the various options for debt management that are at the disposal of the company. Debt Relief companies help their various clients in a variety of ways that always begins with a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the financial situation, including income, assets, total debts and spending habits. Once all of this information is collected, the debt relief service may recommend many courses of action including:

* Personal Financial Management: Usually recommended to the most easily - fixable - of debt consulting clients, learning how to manage finances well may include suggestions for budgeting or changing spending habits, or perhaps just a change in financial posture. For example, if a customer has a large amount of money in savings for retirement and is about to default on several small loans, the counselor may recommend that the penalty for early withdrawal from the retirement account be paid in order to satisfy the debt.
* Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation is a method of debt management that is accomplished by bringing many debts together by paying them off with a new loan. Usually recommended for those whose credit has not been significantly harmed by their debt burden so far and who have many smaller debts.
* Debt Negotiation:Debt negotiation involves working with the various lenders and creditors to get them to agree to renegotiate the terms of the loan, sometimes lowering the interest rate, other times settling the debt completely for a fixed amount than is less than the current balance due.

See the Success Stories of Others

At, we have brought together a collection of stories of debt relief success in order to encourage others about the possibilities of debt relief services. Also, reading about those who had situations similar to yours may serve to answer any questions you might have about the debt relief process and how it works.
Find Your Own Debt Relief Success

Using the services of a debt management company has helped millions of Americans, and is here to help provide that help for you. We have brought together a network of debt consultation and debt relief services from around the country that are qualified to help you resolve your debt issues. In exchange for taking just a few minutes to fill out the form on this site, you will receive, at no cost and no obligation, a referral to a debt consultation service that can help put your feet back on the path to financial management success. There is nothing to lose and no charge to you, so don't struggle with your personal debt any longer than you need to.

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