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Make Millions Trading Fx

Post  mrthought on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:59 am

It may sound funny, but true.

Read this post carefully before calling me crazy.

You may also like to refer to what most successful traders always advocate - unfortunately those words mostly remain unheard. Therefore decided to present their thoughts in the manner that may attract some attention.

No, I have not made millions or even thousands in forex business. This is your option to continue reading this post. You won't be the only one leaving this post unfinished at this point.

I am not going to give you any fancy method, but will ask few questions and give the golden words at the end of these questions. You may like to skip these questions to go straight to the golden words, this is what I expect from most readers.

Questions: Not more than seven

1. How often after losing 10, 20 or 30 percent of your account you look back at your trades and regret you were right from the very begining but still lost, and lost heavily?

2. How may times you take a heavy position and that position turns in your favor soon after you have taken that position?

3. How many times you close out an excellent heavy position just to bank few pips or fearing that pa may move against you wiping out your account?

4. How many times you regret and wish you should have waited for the right time to enter?

6. How many times you keep on changing your direction, losing trade after trade feeling market is after your a$$?

7. Ask other thousand similar questions to yourself

After asking these questions, you would come to just one conclusion:

"Holigrail is not a method but a trader him/herself"

Golden words:
Decide what you want to do, calculate risk and reward, wait, wait, wait and wait for the opportunity. It may appear and disappear without giving you an entry chance. Again wait, wait, wait and wait. When you find the right opportunity, enter and sit tight until the trade concludes. Repeat this several times and you will be a millionaire in about 5 to 50 years, but you WILL BE one.

If you are not willing to take reasonable amount of risk, cannot wait, do not believe in your analysis, cannot stop keep changing your mind with every few pip move against you, and are a pussy cat - wear a tie and a coat, take early morning bus to go and work in someone else's office for next 50 years. Don't waste your time and energy on something which you are not serious in achieving, and that is, make millions.

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