Trade or Not to Trade, That Is the Question

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Trade or Not to Trade, That Is the Question Empty Trade or Not to Trade, That Is the Question

Post  akaishuu on Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:38 pm

As a novice trader, you will be faced with a big question sometimes. There is a trade setup formed or forming on the chart and you wonder if you should take it or not.

The trade setup may not look strong enough and it may not have met all the criteria and rules your trading system has to make you take a position.

On the other hand, it has been several hours or even days that you have not taken any position and you are fed up of waiting. Or you already had some losing positions and you want to recover the loss as soon as possible.

These are all the thoughts and emotions that you have in your mind. Finally, the inner demon makes you take the position, but after clicking on the buy or sell button, all those stimulating emotions will go and you see the real picture of the trade setup that was forming. You will be realized that you were wrong and you should not have taken it, because it did not have everything that a good trade setup should have.

This is something that happens for novice traders almost everyday. First they wonder if they should take the position or they should wait for a better opportunity. After several minutes of mental struggle, they leave everything to luck and take the position. Usually and in 90% of the cases, these kinds of positions are losing positions. Why? Simply because they are taken based on emotions, not based on the techniques and trade setups.

That is why I spend most of my time to help the Forexoma members to learn how to wait for perfect trade setups and avoid taking the positions that are not strong enough. I show them how I analyze the charts and ignore the trade setups that are not good enough. They see how patiently we wait for a perfect trade setup and then they see how our patience will be paid and we finish each and every month with a good profit in our hands.

If you like to save your valuable time and money, join us and be ahead of the others novice traders who will give up finally. There is no risk at all. We have a 60 day full and no question asked money back guarantee.


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