Grab This Opportunity - Free Money Give By This Broker To Trade N Shopping!!~

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Grab This Opportunity - Free Money Give By This Broker To Trade N Shopping!!~ Empty Grab This Opportunity - Free Money Give By This Broker To Trade N Shopping!!~

Post  fanabie on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:51 am

Register And Get Free Money To Trade

Good Day Trader...

I would like to share here about one broker who gonna give us free money to trade with them..

1st i would like to say sorry because my english was not very well...

2nd let me introduced about the company....

The company was OFX from Australia who started fxprimus as a platform for forex trader... they are using mt4...
<-- check this out if they are a scammer...
<-- the trading broker and platform

3rd how to get the free money?

ofx has started a social network (same like facebook, friendster, myspace etc) and it will be launch this 1st nov 2010... this social network register is free and it will be always free for everyone..

after register you will received USD 50 and after complete your profile including upload photo you will received another USD 50... refer your friends as many as you can and you will received USD 25 per person and if your network refer their friends, you will received USD 10 per person... no limit level...

4th how to used that money?

of course for trading forex... but before i touch about forex, let me tell you about another benefit... you can used that money for lifestyle and family product such as:-

1) buy holiday package for you family

2) online shopping for fashion, electronic item, online games and more

3) auction- not like others auction because this is a reverse auction where the price will decrease when people bid not increase when people bid

4) for trading forex at fxprimus

p/s :- more benefit will be announce soon....

5th how to cash the money?

we can apply a debit card and cash it at your nearest bank..

6th what is other benefit?

if your network spend their money, you will received commision like this:-

network level 1 to 2 :- 10%
network level 3 to 10 :- 5%

and if your network started their trading, win or loose you will received 1 pip from fxprimus as your commision... imagine you have 10,000 network under you and they trade 1 post per day... and they play 1 pip = usd 1... so your daily income is usd 10,000.... let say half... daily income usd 5,000... if you have 100 network only thats mean USD 100 per day, USD 500 per weak and USD 2,000 per month without is enough???

all of this benefit will be put in your debit card and you can used it to shopping or cash it...

7th any question?

you can asked me and i will try my best to answered your question or you can register and surf the site by yourself to learn how it works or asked their support team at the site or you can asked all the member who always cit-chat there...

8th afraid?

no need to be afraid because its all free

9th non forex trader?

yup.... refer them also because they can online shopping here... get discount, coupon and promotion... if they want to start trading, they can learn about trading at online class just for free!!!

10th how to register?

thanks a lot!!! see ya!!!


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